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Star Wars for Perverts: Saga and the End of the Binge

Yep, it’s another post about comics. I told you I’ve been reading a lot of them lately. I went through the entire Hellboy-B.P.R.D line, up until the In Hell/Hell on Earth titles. Things are looking good (by looking bad).

Now, I have a problem with currently running titles. I prefer the trades, I can sit down and read an entire story arc in one sitting. I haven’t got the patience to sit down and wait for 24 pages each month. I’m sure many of you feel that way, especially knowing that binge watching TV series is becoming the norm. And that’s a case where you only have one week to wait for the next episode.

With smaller presses things can be worse. Image comics, perhaps the most exciting place in the business right now, regularly holds back titles for six months. That is done to avoid splitting up the creative team by bringing in filler artists, and I can certainly appreciate that, though it is one of the ways I find out new artists.

So what is a fan to do, when faced with a comic book like Saga? Yes, I will hype it and it still won’t be enough. If you don’t know by now: Saga is a monthly comic book written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. Two worlds are locked in a never ending war and two soldiers from opposite sides fall in love. Oh, they also have a baby.

How good is Saga? Saga is so good that I had to do a pull list after a long time. I just have to know what happens next. The wait is killing me. And I love it.

See, the thing is, we are spoiled. I know I am. Our media are handed to us as fast as we can consume them and that’s a problem. I remember the outrage when Breaking Bad’s last season was broken into two. Did we appreciate it less? More? I don’t know but that build up towards the last episodes made it feel like an event.

Same goes for books and comics. George R.R. Martin is not a slow writer. His books are ready when they are ready and there is no point for us to bitch and moan about them. There are always other books and you can never read all of them. So when a new one comes out, it should feel special.

Notice that these are all examples of creators slowing down to make sure they have the best final product to show. Valve is still not doing Half Life 3 (shakes fist).

Anyway, comics like Saga and Sex Criminals made me become a monthly reader again. Every issue feels special, every cover is done by the artists, every beat of the story feels natural. In Brian K. Vaughan’s “Y” for example I felt that the story took side turns when they needed to slow things down. That is normal in a monthly run, but still, it’s refreshing to see titles that take their time to build up.

I wouldn’t want to run out of Suzie and Jon anytime soon anyway.


P.S. I figured I should put other titles in my pull list, since I’m making the trip anyway. Here they are: Saga, Sex Criminals, Hawkeye (Fraction is on a roll), Moon Knight, Pretty Deadly, Black Science, Hellboy in Hell, Witchfinder and I’m thinking Trees starting this month. Sandman:Overture will have to wait though.